Bill Potts meets David Bradley’s First Doctor in the Doctor Who Christmas special and “he’s wonderful” says Pearl Mackie

And Mackie says Bradley's take on William Hartnell's First Doctor is "uncanny"

Pearl Mackie as Bill Potts and David Bradley as the First Doctor in Doctor Who

We discovered back in July that short-lived but well-loved Doctor Who companion Bill Potts would be returning to bid a final farewell to Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor in this year’s Christmas special.


We knew, too, that Capaldi was set to team up with David Bradley’s First Doctor for his last adventure. What we didn’t know for sure was whether Pearl Mackie’s Bill would be around long enough to cross paths with Bradley’s Doctor.

Well, she will and she does – and Mackie had only good things to say about working with the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones star and the scenes she shares with him.

“Yes, I did get to work with him, which was very exciting,” Mackie told “It was amazing working with David, he’s wonderful… He’s such a brilliant actor and a lovely man.”

She also praised Bradley’s “uncanny” recreation of William Hartnell’s First Doctor.

“He’s great in it and very, very like the first Doctor, which is incredible,” said Mackie. “It’s uncanny.”

Exactly what Bill’s scenes with the First Doctor will entail remains to be seen, but despite her short tenure in the Tardis, Mackie can bow out safe in the knowledge that, having starred with two incarnations of the Doctor at the same time, she’s one of a very select group of Doctor Who companions.

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