BBC Doctor Who “thank you” video charts the 12th Doctor’s adventures in 3 minutes

Peter Capaldi's emotional farewell starts here


From his first episode Deep Breath to the tear-inducing series 10 finale, Peter Capaldi has captivated Doctor Fans during his time in the Tardis. And with the new Christmas special trailer reminding us that the Time Lord is on the verge of his 13th incarnation (or 14th or 15th, depending how you look at it), it’s the perfect time to look back at everything he’s brought to the Whoniverse.


Enter this video from the BBC, reliving Capaldi’s best moments from the show and thanking him for being a great Doctor. It’s all there: the guitar playing, the sonic glasses and his grey Gallifreyan locks. Adventures through time and space; enemies vanquished, friendships forged and lost.


We’ll never forget when The Doctor was you, Peter.