Scottish news presenter cameos in Avengers: Infinity War – without even realising

"The whole Avengers franchise is always shrouded in such secrecy... and they've done a good job because I didn't even know I was in it,” said Laura Miller

Laura Miller (STV screenshot, EH)

Alongside the roster of superheroes in Avengers: Infinity War, one Scottish news presenter makes an appearance – except she didn’t even know it was happening.


STV News anchor Laura Miller had no idea she had a cameo in the Marvel epic until her brief scene was mentioned by critics.

STV footage is used for a scene involving Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch) and Paul Bettany (Vision) in Edinburgh, appearing in a news report on a TV in a takeaway restaurant.

Miller could hardly believe it when she was told about her cameo.

“The whole Avengers franchise is always shrouded in such secrecy… and they’ve done a good job because I didn’t even know I was in it,” she said.

“It was a colleague who alerted me to a newspaper article which mentioned my (brief) appearance.

“I’ve never been cooler among friends and family. I’m hoping they extend my part in the sequel.”

In the closing credits, Miller is credited as the “Scottish News Reporter”.

Miller’s colleagues have been having a bit of fun with the story, putting Hollywood Star stickers on her radios and treating her to an Avengers cake for her birthday…


Avengers: Infinity War hits UK cinemas on 26th April 2018.