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Avengers: Infinity War almost had a different ending for Tom Holland's Spider-Man

WARNING: this article contains major spoilers for Avengers: Infinity War

Published: Wednesday, 9th May 2018 at 3:04 pm

There was one major twist in Avengers: Infinity War that almost didn’t happen, it has been revealed.



Fans across the world were heartbroken when Tom Holland's Spider-Man perished in the fight against Thanos, but Avengers co-writer Christopher Markus has said that the hero’s fate was in fact very different in an earlier draft of the script.

Markus explained that originally Spider-Man didn’t join Tony Stark aboard Ebony Maw’s ship to come to Doctor Strange’s rescue – Anthony Mackie’s Falcon went to space instead. This meant that in this earlier version of the movie, Spider-Man would have stayed on Earth and could have even survived the attack by Thanos.

“There was one [version] where Spider-Man did not go to space, and where Falcon went to space,” Markus told Yahoo! Entertainment. “And it was fun, it was interesting, it’s always great to have those guys in various situations and there was a lot to do with them in both situations, but we weren’t getting as much emotion as we could if we brought them back to people who know them.”


Avengers: Infinity War is in UK cinemas now.

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