Arrow’s Connor Hawke actor hints he’ll appear in planned Canaries spin-off

Joseph David-Jones teases his potential involvement in the sequel series

Joseph David-Jones

Arrow might be ending after its eighth season, but a female-led spin-off is already in the works, with Katherine McNamara (Mia Smoak), Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) and Juliana Harkavy (Dinah Drake) all set to reprise their roles.


The new series will be set in the future timeline established in Arrow’s flash-forwards… and another character who’s prominent in these scenes is Connor Hawke (Joseph David-Jones). Though yet to be confirmed for the spin-off, could David-Jones also appear?

“Mmm-hmm, there is a chance!” the actor told “We’ll see. I can’t give away anything!”

Arrow - Mia and Connor
Arrow – Mia and Connor
The CW

He added: “I think they wanna find a story that makes sense to tell after Arrow, because it’s something that was so near and dear to all of the fans and it was something that was sort of unprecedented at the time it came out, so]they don’t wanna just make something that is gonna not do justice to the Arrow legacy…

“They’re keeping everything close to the chest like they always do. but I think it’s gonna be a fun show show. I’m interested to see where things go with the spin-off.”

David-Jones also told us that Arrow’s final episodes will feature “a lot of callbacks” to previous seasons. “They’re trying to bring about a cathartic end to this entire series and this man’s journey, so you’re going to see a lot of people from his past we’ve brought back in, you’re going to see a lot of moments revisited from earlier seasons and I think fans are gonna love it,” he said.


The star also revealed that his character was originally supposed to become a series regular on fellow Arrowverse series Legends of Tomorrow, before plans changed and he joined the Arrow cast instead.

Arrow season 8 airs Tuesday nights on The CW in the US. New episodes will air on Sky One and be available on NOW TV in the UK from Wednesday, October 30.