Apparently this Doctor Who location is seriously good for Pokémon Go

*Books ticket to Cardiff Bay*


Pokémon Go doesn’t really need to be any more popular. There’s many (many, many, many) a person out there hunting Pokémon. But Patrick Ness, author and showrunner on Doctor Who spin-off Class, might just have found a way to take your Pokedex to a whole new level – thanks to a certain Time Lord.


How? Well, he claims that Cardiff Bay is actually a ruddy good place for a spot of Pokemon catching. “Heavy” in fact is his word of choice.

Yes, the filming location that has been used for many an episode of Doctor Who, and of course also featured as Torchwood’s secret headquarters The Hub, is apparently quite the hot spot for Pokemon Go. Thanks for the tip, Patrick.

He’s not alone. Others have replied saying they’ve seen plenty of people wildly waving their phones around and looking excited – and no, that’s not just because BBC3’s Class is currently filming there.


Now, if anyone finds a Mewtwo near to Ianto’s Srhine, consider the internet broken.