If you’re a Class fan all excited for this week’s new episode to drop on BBC3 online tomorrow morning, then we have some good news for you – because a brand-new trailer for the Doctor Who spin-off has arrived revealing all sorts of juicy details about the remaining episodes of the series.

Explosions! Swords! Shadow Kin! Romance! Weird meteors that seem to make people angry like the Horcrux necklace in Harry Potter! This trailer has it all – as well as a hint that Katherine Kelly’s tamed alien warrior Quill might be losing her implant to become a free agent once again. Uh-oh…

So now we know more than ever about what to expect, but have to suffer the anticipation of ALSO knowing about episodes that we’re still weeks away from seeing. Oh well – such are the travails of the online TV speculation biz.

New episodes of Class are released on BBC3 online every Saturday at 10:00am