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Agents of SHIELD fans left reeling by latest twists ahead of series finale

The end is nigh for Daisy and her team. **SPOILERS FOR SEASON SEVEN**

Chloe Bennet plays Daisy Johnson (Quake) in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD on ABC
Published: Thursday, 6th August 2020 at 3:55 pm

Marvel's Agents of SHIELD is coming to end after seven rollercoaster seasons, over which it has amassed a very loyal fanbase indeed.


They currently find themselves gripped by the closing episodes, as old lovers are seemingly ripped apart, new relationships are forged and everything SHIELD has built for itself begins to crumble.

How exactly will things end for Daisy Johnson and her team of agents? We don't have long to find out, but in the meantime, here are all the latest developments from season seven (beware: major spoilers ahead).

Of all the characters on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, you could easily argue that Fitz and Simmons have had the roughest ride of all.

Their love has been clear from the very beginning, but the universe seems to be going to increasingly drastic lengths to keep them apart, separating them first across space and later through time.

The latest hurdle? A memory implant that Fitz seemingly installed inside Simmons' head, to erase her memories of their time together so that she won't divulge his location to the villainous Chronicoms.

Fans were understandably upset:

But as one relationship withers, another one begins to bloom: team leader Daisy Johnson is growing closer to 1950s SHIELD agent Daniel Sousa, who made his debut as the primary love interest on Agent Carter.

There's been a lot of flirtation between the two since his initial encounter with the time-hopping team and fans seem to be hoping they'll get to drive off into the sunset together.

Of course, there are still a select few holding out for Lincoln, Daisy's first true love who was killed off in the climactic finale to season three.

Overall, things are in a perilous position for the Agents of SHIELD heading into the final ever chapters of the show, as their bases are left in ruins by a coordinated Chronicom attack.

Fans are left to wonder which characters will make it out of the show alive and whether any will get the happy ending they deserve.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD season seven has no UK broadcaster. If you're looking for something to watch, check out our TV Guide.


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