Fantastic Four are not


The Fantastic Four are less than Fantastic, but there are four of them, so...swings and roundabouts, we guess.

Doctor What's happening?

We’re getting close to the new series of Doctor Who, and news is slowly but surely emerging. Reece Shearsmith is to guest star in an episode from his League of Gentlemen compatriot Mark Gatiss.

Everything else has been a bit speculative: what could we tell from the new promo picture? (Not much, but we had a damn good try.) Is a classic villain returning? (Probably not, no.)

Oh, and Strax is getting a radio drama spin-off. Good for Strax.

<10 PRINT Humans ended>

Channel 4’s unexpected sci-fi hit ended and we were sad. But then we remembered other similar sci-fis and that softened the blow.

<20 GOTO 10>

New players in the Game of Thrones

Max von Sydow and Ian McShane will show up in the next series of GoT. We can’t wait for their harrowing deaths!

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