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17 tweets that perfectly sum up the reaction to Star Trek: Discovery

Trekkies loved the new Starfleet adventures - even if the new Klingons did leave a few raised foreheads (and eyebrows)

Published: Monday, 25th September 2017 at 3:23 am

After a decade off our screens, Star Trek returned to TV this week with much-delayed prequel series Discovery, set to examine a period 10 years before the original 1960s series and featuring the early conflicts of the Klingon/Federation War.


And it's fair to say that fans were pretty excited in the build-up to the episode, which aired on CBS in America last night.

Though fans had to wait a LITTLE longer than expected when an NFL broadcast overran, delaying the night's programming and giving Trekkies one more reason to hate organised sports.

Still, it wasn't long before things were kicking off with the series' new opening credits, which you can watch below and had a SLIGHTLY mixed reaction.

By contrast, viewers seemed to universally warm to new lead character Michael Burnham, who was played by Sonequa Martin-Green and started out the episode flying out to investigate some mysterious space debris.

Though it's possible she got a little too close to what turned out to be a Klingon artefact...

And that led to the introduction of the new Klingons themselves, who have a RATHER different look this time around...

Though some viewers were more distracted by a certain robot working on the bridge of the USS Shenzou alongside Burnham, who might have a future (or past) in the music industry...

Still, in the end most viewers could (mostly) agree on one thing - though not perfect, this was a decent start for a new Star Trek series, with some truly stunning moments even amidst all the slightly awkward set-up you'd find in any pilot.

And no matter our differences we can certainly all agree that what Burnham did at the end of the episode will come back to haunt her in a big way...

Sometimes you can go a little TOO boldly, Burnham.


Star Trek: Discovery streams on Netflix UK from Monday 25th September


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