The results of Piers Morgan and Lord Sugar’s weight loss challenge are in…

And the winner is...

Lord Sugar and Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain

Lord Sugar has won the latest battle in his ongoing rivalry with Piers Morgan, shedding more than twice as much as the Good Morning Britain star in their two-month weight-loss challenge.


The weigh-in, hosted by Dr Hilary during Tuesday’s edition of GMB, showed that Lord Sugar had dropped an impressive 19lbs, or 1 stone 5lbs, while Morgan had managed just 8lbs.

Lord Sugar indulged himself in a few chants of “loser, loser” but Morgan was as magnanimous in defeat as you’re ever likely to see him, saying “Well played Lord Sugar, you win, I lose,” before adding “I’ve lost 8lbs. I’m quite happy about that. It’ll probably get me a DVD deal to lose weight.”

And the big winner was Great Ormond Street Hospital, which got not only Morgan’s loser’s cheque for £5,000 but also Lord Sugar’s too.


That left it to Dr Hilary to deliver some bad news to the pair: “You’re both still overweight.”