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Susanna Reid is unimpressed as Piers Morgan walks into Good Morning Britain studio four seconds before going on air

The breakfast show host was too busy chatting with the makeup artist to notice the time

Piers Morgan, GMB
Published: Tuesday, 27th November 2018 at 9:58 am

Talk about cutting it fine.


Piers Morgan rocked up to the Good Morning Britain studio on Tuesday morning with just four seconds to spare — and his co-host Susanna Reid was less than impressed.

"Four seconds before air and this was the scene in the studio," she told viewers, before a clip showing a frazzled Piers getting mic'd-up moments before the live show aired.

Piers, who clearly saw the funny side, said: "Never missed a plane. Never missed an on air time. I was just having a good old chat with the make-up artist.

"I was there, someone came in casually and said, 'Yeah, 40 seconds until we're on air'. I went, 'What?!'"

Broadcaster Eamonn Holmes – who last year was voted the UK's best breakfast presenter of all time by readers – quipped on Twitter: "Arriving in studio early is like arriving at an airport early - a waste of time. 4 Seconds before transmission ? Believe me that's not cutting it fine. Could read the paper in that time. Honestly, youngsters today."

"Exactly," Piers responded. "I learned from the breakfast show Master..."


Fingers crossed you don't make a habit of it though, Piers — we're not sure Susanna would be too pleased...


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