Tormund continues to flirt with Brienne off-camera and Gwendoline Christie can’t handle it

Flirtation tactics include erotically eating a sandwich while maintaining intense eye contact

brienne tormund game of thrones

Gwendoline Christie has revealed that her Game of Thrones co-star, Kristofer Hivju, is especially committed to staying in character both on and off-set – meaning that Tormund Giantsbane is flirting with Brienne of Tarth literally all of the time.


One of his flirtation tactics is eating a sandwich in an “erotic” way and refusing to break eye contact. A classic.

On Last Night with Seth Meyers, Christie described sitting in a “dark tent with a gas heater burning away” when he started “masticating wildly” at her. Oh god.

Christie revealed that although she is a “classically trained actress”, she can’t help but laugh: “This is possibly the one time I dissolve, without fail.”


However, it remains to be seen whether the pair will get the chance to continue their on- and off-screen flirtations into next series. Tormund was last seen desperately trying to escape the Wall as it was destroyed by zombie dragon fire. Fingers crossed he’ll live to flirt another day…