The last two episodes of Game of Thrones series 7 are the best pieces of television I have ever seen says Sky boss

Has Gary Davey just whetted viewers' appetites beyond breaking point for the final visit to Westeros in series 7?

Game of thrones Jon Snow Dragon and the Wolf

This contains information about Game of Thrones series 7 episode 6 but no spoilers about the finale


Game of Thrones fans probably don’t need to be made more excited about The Dragon and the Wolf, the Games of Thrones series finale on Monday.

But the boss of the show’s UK broadcaster, who has been lucky enough to see the final episode in its entirety, may have upped the tempo just a notch.

Speaking to, Sky’s managing director, content Gary Davey says without blinking: “I think the last two episodes of the Games of Thrones series is the best television I have ever seen.”

Where that takes the show now is of course the big question, with the Night King now in possession of one of Daenerys’ dragons, and the Targaryen queen herself firmly in alliance with King of the North Jon Snow in what looks set to be a battle between the living and the dead.

Sansa and Arya are now at each other’s throats thanks to the scheming Littlefinger and Cersei probably has one or two plans up her silk sleeves as well.

But from the man who runs all of Sky’s pan-European business – and has seen a fair bit of television in his career – it is quite some endorsement to say that this seismic TV moment is the best he’s ever witnessed.

As for series 8, understands from HBO sources that the scripts are close to completion, meaning that a tight circle around showrunners Daniel Weiss and David Benioff probably know the final outcome. However the company has not yet confirmed the filming and broadcast schedule.

And the company is also breathing a sigh of relief that, with just hours to go before the finale, there are no signs of the final episode leaking online.

However individuals claiming to be connected to the recent hacks have written what claims to be a detailed outline of the plot of the final episode on Reddit.

So winter may be coming but there is some excellent television – and surprises – awaiting fans…


Game of Thrones series 7 episode 7 is on Sky Atlantic on Monday morning at 2am