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Sweet Tooth season 2: release date, cast and plot for Netflix fantasy drama

With a second season confirmed, here's what we know about Sweet Tooth 2.

Sweet Tooth Netflix
Published: Friday, 30th July 2021 at 11:28 am

Netflix has released so many fantasy shows in recent years that it can be quite hard to keep track, but one of the more successful new series in recent times is the whimsical fantasy drama Sweet Tooth.


The first season went down a storm with fans and critics after debuting on the platform in early June 2021, spending a long time at the top of the streamer's top 10 and attracting as many as 60 million viweres in its first four weeks.

It's perhaps no surprise, then, that at the end of July, Netflix announced that the series would be returning for a second eight-episode run with creator Jim Mickle back on board as executive producer, writer, director and showrunner.

Season one charmed viewers with its post-apocalyptic fairytale following a young deer-boy searching for his family in a ravaged future America, but left many questions unanswered – and it looks like we can now expect some conclusions.

The Sweet Tooth ending featured a major cliffhanger that left the fate of Gus (Christian Convery) and his fellow hybrids hanging in the balance, with co-showrunner Beth Schwartz revealing at the time that she was keen to continue the tale.

“We’re concentrating obviously on the launch for season one, but we definitely broke season one with the hope of future seasons,” she told

Read on for everything we know about Netflix's potential Sweet Tooth season two.

Sweet Tooth season 2 release dateut?

Confirmed: Sweet Tooth will definitely be returning for another run, comprising of eight more one-hour long episodes.

“It’s been equally thrilling and heartwarming to experience how people around the world have been falling in love with our deer-boy,” creator Jim Mickle said of the renewal. “We couldn’t be more excited to continue our collaboration with Netflix and keep following Gus and his friends on their extraordinary journey.”

No release date has been revealed for the second season just yet, but most scripted streaming dramas at Netflix operate on a one-year production cycle (barring pandemic-related delays).

On that logic, predicts that Sweet Tooth season two would likely be available to stream in Summer 2022 - but we'll keep this page updated as and when we get any more official updates, including news of production dates.

Sweet Tooth season 2 cast

Adeel Akhtar in Sweet Tooth
Adeel Akhtar in Sweet Tooth Netflix

While it's not been confirmed, it's extremely likely that the main cast of the series will return for the next instalment, led by child star Christian Convery and Game of Thrones actor Nonso Anozie as Gus and Jepperd respectively.

Here's a refresher on the full Sweet Tooth cast:

  • Christian Convery (Gus)
  • Nonso Anozie (Tommy Jepperd)
  • Adeel Akhtar (Dr Aditya Singh)
  • Stefania LaVie Owen (Bear)
  • Dania Ramirez (Aimee)
  • Will Forte (Gus’ father)
  • Neil Sandilands (General Steven Abbot)

Sweet Tooth season 2 plot

Sweet Tooth cast on Netflix

Sweet Tooth's second season would need to pick up where the first left off, as Gus and his fellow hybrids fell into the clutches of the villainous General Abbot and scientist associate Dr Singh.

That's seriously bad news as the unhinged military man wishes to dissect the children as he believes they hold the cure for the plague that has wiped out humanity somewhere in their DNA.

Meanwhile, Bear has finally managed to make contact Gus' mother – long-thought to be dead – who is revealed to be exiled to Alaska, the very place where the sickness is thought to have originated.

As the mysteries of this apocalyptic pandemic continue to loom large, while the outcome of Jepperd and Aimee's rescue is yet to be seen, there's plenty for executive producer Susan Downey to explore in a potential season two.

“I think if we're so lucky to get a season two, we definitely have ideas. But that is ultimately up to Netflix,” she told before the show was recommissioned. “I think when you when you look at a story that you want to tell as a show, as opposed to a feature where it's closed-ended, you want to feel that you could live on and on and that there's definitely a lot of road that could be travelled.

“But you also want to focus when you're doing a season, especially a first season, that it feels fulfilling in and of itself if that's all that were to ever exist. So it's that balance of telling a full story the first season, but knowing in the back of your minds like, this is so deep and so rich and there's so much more you could do if given the opportunity.”

Any fans desperate to know what’s next could check out Jeff Lemire’s acclaimed graphic novels of the same name, which tells a slightly different story but could offer clues about storylines not yet adapted to the TV series.

If you were impressed with the series one backdrop, you should read our guide to where Sweet Tooth was filmed.

Sweet Tooth season 2 trailer

We’re a bit early for any teaser footage, images or trailers for season two just yet – but check back here for updates in the coming months.

Sweet Tooth season one is now streaming on Netflix. Check out our guides to the best series on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix.


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