This Friday marks the debut of Netflix's latest big fantasy series: an adaptation of Leigh Bardugo's popular Grishaverse novels.


Shadow and Bone merges two of Bardugo's book series into one epic show, with lots of thrilling action and an ending that will almost certainly leave viewers wanting more.

And with a second series not yet confirmed, Bardugo – who was heavily involved in the adaptation process – told that she hopes fans will react positively to the first series on social media in a bid to help get a follow-up green-lit.

"I hope they want to watch it all over again," she said. "I hope it’s a world that they are able to get lost in, and find some escape in, and find some hope in – or maybe just go on a wild ride.

"And I hope they’ll take to the internet to demand a second season," she laughed.

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Later, she added: "[I hope] we get the green light for a second season – I think we’re all just sitting here with our fingers crossed and, you know, have the prayer circles going."

And it seems as if planning is already underway for that possible second run – even if it isn't a certainty at this stage.

"We have a plan – a cunning plan," she said. "We just don’t know if we’ll get to it. There’s a lot of road, we just don’t know if we’ll get to walk it again."

Meanwhile, showrunner Eric Heisserer revealed that he also hopes the series will encourage people to seek out the source material and read all of Bardugo's novels.

"I hope that they feel like it was a really rewarding and enriching ad for the books, and those who haven’t read them rush off and buy everything on the shelves," he said.

And reading the books could certainly come in handy for fans – with Bardugo also explaining that she “wouldn’t be surprised” if future seasons “ended up pulling some things from different books.

Shadow and Bone lands on Netflix on 23rd April. Want more content before the show drops? Find out who is starring in the Shadow and Bone cast, or find out where Shadow and Bone is filmed.


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