People are obsessed with this trailer for a modern-day Game of Thrones

A mysterious clip has emerged on YouTube promoting Westeros the Series

jon snow game of thrones

Just as Game of Thrones fans were recovering from the explosive final episode of series seven, a mysterious trailer for Westeros the Series appeared on YouTube.


While the themes and characters are recognisable, the modern edge is not: floodlights beam over crowds, tower blocks loom, and wind turbines spin at the gates of Braavos.

We also see glimpses of cocaine and stilettos alongside the paws of a Direwolf.

The professional-looking trailer was mysteriously uploaded by a user called Westeros the Series – and now fans are begging for it to be a real thing.

It’s not clear who made the trailer – although it could be the work of German satirist and TV presenter Jan Böhmermann who tweeted the video soon after it was released online.


Nevertheless, Westeros the Series looks pretty great, and it could fill the Game of Thrones shaped hole in our lives after 2019…