Neil Gaiman has been “taking notes” on his Sandman Audible actors ahead of Netflix casting

The long-gestating Sandman adaptation is getting very close to reality.

Neil Gaiman, writer of Good Omens and the upcoming Sandman on Netflix

Neil Gaiman has teased that actors from his new Sandman audio book could potentially reprise their roles in the upcoming Netflix adaptation.


The Sandman was a critically acclaimed comic book series first published in 1989 and is finally making the leap to live-action after many failed attempts.

The story kicks off when an occultist, attempting to capture the living embodiment of Death, accidentally traps her younger brother Dream instead.

He is held hostage for 70 years before finally breaking free, at which point he goes searching for the lost objects of his power in a bid to rebuild his kingdom.

Following the release of a star-studded Audible adaptation last week, writer Neil Gaiman spoke to about whether he might carry over his audio book cast to the Netflix project.

He didn’t rule out the possibility, referencing the loyalty he showed one particular voice actor during production on his most recent television project.

Gaiman said: “One of the joys of doing audio drama is that you get to try things out. You know, Josie Lawrence played Agnes Nutter on the BBC Radio 4 audio version of Good Omens, and I was determined that she was going to be Agnes Nutter on the telly as well, once I’d seen her do that.

“She never believed me. She was convinced that was the kind of thing you just say. But I went, ‘No, I actually want you on the telly.

“So it would be definitely fair to say that I’ve been taking notes.”

With the precedent set and Gaiman paying close attention, it appears that some members of the Audible cast could be in consideration for roles in the upcoming Sandman series on Netflix.

The audio book features James McAvoy (His Dark Materials) as Dream, also known as Morpheus, alongside Kat Dennings (Thor) as Death, Taron Egerton (Rocketman) as John Constantine, and Michael Sheen (Good Omens) as Lucifer.

The Sandman is available now from


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