Maisie Williams called into Kit Harington’s radio interview to make plans to hang out

The Game of Thrones co-stars did a bit of "admin" on air


Most of us text when we want to make plans with our pals. But, then again, most of us aren’t stars of one of the world’s biggest TV series. You see, when you’re a mega famous actor – like, say, Maisie Williams and Kit Harington – arranging to meet over the phone is just too obvious.


It turns out the Game of Thrones co-stars were meant to hang out a while back when Kit got Maisie tickets for his West End play. She got an ear infection and never showed, so when Kit was being interviewed on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show, Maisie decided to call in and make amends.

“I’m really gutted that I didn’t get to come and see you in Doctor Faustus the other day, I’m very sorry” she said, before admitting that she was ringing in to rearrange. “I did actually have a question: when are we next hanging out, Kit?”


With Harington rather busy treading the boards, the pair rescheduled their theatre date and added co-star Sophie Turner into the mix. But when can eager fans catch a glimpse of the Stark sisters in the audience? You might want to book out your Thursday and Saturday nights for the foreseeable future…