Lucifer stars tease season 6 ending: ‘People are going to like it’

Tom Ellis and Lauren German discussed Lucifer season 6's ending, saying they think fans will be satisfied with the finale.

Tom Ellis and Lauren German in Lucifer

It’s not long now until Lucifer season six finally lands on Netflix, much to the relief of its loyal fanbase.


The series was meant to come to a close with its fifth series, which came to be in large part thanks to said loyal fanbase’s campaign to #SaveLucifer after it was axed by Fox. Not only did Netflix pick it up, but it green-lit a last minute sixth season, too.

Just days ahead of its arrival, stars Tom Ellis (Lucifer, though we may be better off referring to him as God these days) and Lauren German (Chloe Decker) have opened up about the show’s ending.

“We thought season five was the end, so in a sense, mentally, I made peace, kind of, with the fact that we’ve gone full circle with this story,” Ellis told TV Guide. “Season six holds up because it was an opportunity for every character in their own way to say goodbye properly, and that never really happens.”

German added: “The writers and Tom did such a beautiful job bringing everything together. I think people are going to see so many different layers.

“Chloe and Lucifer being together and being a team, and what they sacrifice. Maze and Eve. Ella going through her journey. I mean, every character has these sort of eye-opening adventures and epiphanies. I think people are going to like how it ends.”

Considering it took so long for Lucifer and Chloe to confess their love for one another, it will certainly come as a relief to fans to see them working together in the show’s swan song.

“If the Devil can be redeemed anyone can,” Ellis said. “From the moment this show started I thought like, ‘What was the bigger picture of this show?’ And it’s the show about the ultimate redemption story, basically.”

He added: “So, I think there’s always hope if you believe. And I don’t mean necessarily to believe religiously, but if you believe positively in positive energy, there’s always hope. And I hope that’s what fans take away from it.”


Lucifer season six lands on Netflix on Friday 10th September – you can read our Lucifer season 6 review here beforehand. Looking for something else to watch? Check out our guide to the best TV series on Netflix and best movies on Netflix, or visit our TV Guide.