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Lucifer season six ending explained: Do Lucifer and Chloe get their happy ending?

All the details on the series finale of Lucifer. CONTAINS SPOILERS

Tom Ellis and Lauren German in Lucifer season 6
Published: Friday, 10th September 2021 at 2:28 pm

After years of heartbreaking twists and revelations, we finally know the fate of the Lord of Hell and his beloved partner Chloe Decker, as the Lucifer series finale lands on Netflix.


Fans have been on a rollercoaster journey across six dramatic seasons that started with the duo's first encounter on a fateful LAPD murder case before exploding into a fantasy saga complete with angels, demons and a celestial war.

Lucifer season six tells a more personal story than the penultimate chapter that preceded it, playing out like a family drama as a shocking new arrival throws Deckerstar's life into chaos.

It all leads to an emotional send-off for the show which sees some characters parting ways to start new chapters, but of course, fans will be most interested in what becomes of Lucifer and Chloe themselves.

After all the turmoil they have endured, it's hoped that the two will at least have a fairytale ending to look forward to. For full spoiler-heavy details on the Lucifer series finale, read on.



Lucifer season 6 ending explained: Do Lucifer and Chloe break up?

The final episode of Lucifer picks up on the bombshell that violent mercenary Vincent Le Mec (Rob Benedict) has kidnapped the rebellious angel, Rory aka Lucifer and Chloe's daughter, who travelled from the future to confront her father.

She manifested the power to jump through time after feeling intense anger and hatred towards Lucifer, who has been completely absent for her entire life, leaving Chloe to raise her all alone.

Le Mec learnt all this from the late Dan Espinoza, who briefly possessed his body while roaming the Earth as a ghost, and in doing so gave his murderer all the mind-blowing facts about the celestials living among us.

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Seeking revenge for the torturous guilt that Lucifer inflicted upon him, Le Mec kidnaps Rory and begins torturing her, ripping out the "feathers" of her wings – which are in fact razor sharp blades capable of stabbing even the devil himself.

He arms his goons with the blades, making Lucifer and Chloe's rescue attempt a serious challenge, but working as a team they are able to close in on the hideout where Rory is being held hostage.

Lucifer season 6 – Rory
Rory is held captive. Netflix

Chloe sustains a stab wound to her shoulder, which does not appear to be life-threatening but does take her out of the fight, telling Lucifer to go on without her and save their daughter.

Lucifer finds Le Mec, who has Rory chained up by her wings and plans to kill her in front of him, thus plunging him into the world of misery that he is currently enduring.

Lucifer begs Le Mec to kill him instead, arguing that would be a worse punishment as his only desire is to watch his daughter grow up and support her when he needs her the most – an opportunity that would be cruelly snatched away by his death.

Ever the smooth talker, Lucifer succeeds in persuading Le Mec to do things his way, kneeling down to allow the hitman to kill him with one of his daughter's own celestial blades.

However, at the last second, Rory uses all her strength to tear herself out of her shackles and stop Le Mec from striking the fatal blow, before grabbing him by the throat and lifting him above her head.

Every fibre of her being wants to strangle him to death, but Lucifer desperately pleads for her to show mercy as he does not want his daughter to become a killer and suffer the same guilt that he has dealt with for millennia.

Lucifer – Rory develops a devil face
Rory develops a "devil face" Netflix

As Rory continues to choke Le Mec, she begins to develop a "devil face" just as her father once had, signifying that she would be forever changed by taking the life of her kidnapper.

"You have to be better than him! Rory, please, you have to be better than me," Lucifer implores, and the words seem to get through as the young angel drops Le Mec and her face reverts back to normal.

Lucifer and Rory embrace, sharing a moment of calm, but moments later Le Mec appears behind them brandishing another deadly blade that he's about to drive into the devil's back – until Chloe appears from around a corner and shoots him.

The force of the bullet sends the villain stumbling backwards, where he is impaled on two blades that had been stood upright on a table behind him – in his final moments, he sees only darkness, meaning he is (unsurprisingly) going to hell.

Lucifer and Chloe are elated that they were able to save their daughter, but Rory claims that Lucifer must still abandon her as otherwise she wouldn't still be there.

The comment references an earlier conversation about the rules of time travel; if Lucifer hadn't been an absent father, Rory would never have felt the need to travel through time, therefore she would disappear if they truly succeeded in changing events.

Lucifer season 6 finale
Lucifer's calling in life dawns on him. Netflix

Back at the penthouse, Lucifer, Chloe and Rory discuss their rollercoaster 24 hours, coming to the realisation that late friend Dan Espinoza finally ascended to heaven thanks to advice Lucifer had given him.

With that, Lucifer declares this to be his true calling in life, concluding that hell no longer needs a "keeper" but a "healer" and expressing an intention to guide damned souls back to the light for a second chance at happiness.

Rory realises that all of the pain she felt that led her to travel back in time has been leading to this revelatory moment and adds that they can't change anything about the past as it would risk Lucifer never discovering his calling.

It's a selfless act from Rory, who accepts that Lucifer descending back down to the depths of hell means that she will always grow up without a father, but she no longer feels anger about that as she knows it is for the greater good.

That spiritual healing is enough to trigger her uncontrollable time travelling abilities, which send her back to the distant future, where an elderly Chloe is on her deathbed and they share a moment of reflection about all they've been through.

A montage plays giving us our last glimpse at each member of the supporting cast:

  • Amenadiel is happily ruling creation as the new God, making frequent visits to Earth to work with the LAPD and be with his son, Charlie (who finally grows wings, confirming his celestial status).
  • Ella continues working for the LAPD with boyfriend Carol, while also running the Miss Lopez Foundation, which aims to help young girls get into STEM subjects.
  • Dan makes it to heaven, where he is reunited with his lost love Charlotte Richards and enjoys the puddings that Lucifer used to steal from him when they worked at the LAPD.
  • Linda continues working as an accomplished psychotherapist as well as raising Charlie with co-parent Amenadiel.
  • Maze and Eve remain happily married and working together as bounty hunters.

When Chloe passes away of old age after a successful and happy life, she goes to heaven where she is greeted by Amenadiel who shows her where she can be reunited with Lucifer.

Yes, it's still hell, but things aren't quite as grim as before, with Lucifer following in Linda's footsteps by offering therapy to the souls trapped down there which aims to show them the path to heaven.

During one session, he hears a knock at the door and when he answers it is shocked to find Chloe.

"Hello, Detective," he says.

"I thought you could use a partner," she replies.

They share a kiss and close the door.

Lucifer and Chloe season 6
Lucifer and Chloe share their final kiss of the series. Netflix

And that's it! This was indeed a "bittersweet" ending as had been promised, with out star-crossed lovers having to spend a substantial amount of time apart, but ultimately being reunited to spend eternity together.


Lucifer seasons 4-6 are available to stream on Netflix. Check out more of our Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.


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