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Lucifer to "revert" in season 5 part 2 as crucial character finally arrives

Expect plenty more family drama when Lucifer returns **SPOILERS FOR SEASON 5, PART 1**

Lucifer Tom Ellis
Published: Saturday, 29th August 2020 at 11:23 am

Fans have been left reeling by the shock ending to Lucifer season five's midseason finale, which debuted on Netflix last weekend.


The long-awaited new episodes see Lucifer Morningstar go up against his devious twin brother Michael, who seeks to wreck the devil's brand new life in Los Angeles.

Showrunner Ildy Modrovich has now teased more details on what fans can expect to see in Lucifer season 5 part 2, specifically relating to Lucifer himself.

(Spoilers for season five, part one follow...)

Of course, the midseason finale saw Dennis Haysbert make a brief debut as God, Lucifer's father with whom he has a very difficult relationship.

It's unclear what has caused God to descend to Earth, although it is hinted that he wishes to stop the bitter fighting between his children: Lucifer, Michael and Amenadiel.

Fans have been understandably curious about how Lucifer will react to seeing his father in the flesh after such a long time apart and Modrovich dropped a tantalising tease in a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly.

She said: "If you think about the fact that God shows up, we like to relate it to when we go back home to Thanksgiving; you tend to revert a bit, right? And sort of become a child and start acting like what you did when you were younger.

"I think the presence of God could have that effect. With Lucifer, it’s always about taking one step forward but two steps back. So yeah, he gets in his own way and that’s all I can say about that."

That sounds like we could get a throwback to season one era Lucifer, when his cheekiness and unpredictable behaviour was arguably at its peak.

Netflix is yet to announce a release date for the second half of season five, but we have plenty of Lucifer questions to speculate on in the meantime.


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