There's not much longer for Lucifer fans to wait until the final series of the supernatural procedural hits our screens – and stars Tom Ellis and Lauren German have teased that the ending will be "bittersweet."


The show was originally expected to end after its fifth run but was surprisingly renewed for a sixth season last year, and it looks like the story will be wrapped up once and for all this time.

Asked by TV Line how he hoped fans would react to the grand finale, Ellis said, “I hope that they’ll be crying, I really hope they'll be sobbing! And then I hope that their hearts will be filled with joy at the same time."

And German added, "Yeah I agree, I think, you know, hopefully it's a gratifying, bittersweet... as Tom was saying earlier I think bittersweet is a great encapsulating term for the ending.

"I think fans will get what they want and I think it doesn't cheat... it doesn't gloss anything over or make anything too easy, but I think ultimately they'll get what they want to see."

Speaking more generally about the final series, Ellis said that the creative team had "thought long and hard" about how to end the series and teased that the final series will mark new territory for Lucifer and Chloe's relationship.

"The journey that Chloe and Lucifer have been on up to this point has been great, but this season is kind of new territory for them, where they're working together as a partnership," he said. "That's something that they've never experienced before together, you know, it leans into everything that we've kind of earned up to this moment."

And German also picked out that new dimension to the relationship as something to especially look out for in the new series.

"What I really liked was the idea of Chloe and Lucifer really being a team," she said. "Being together for each other as a couple and helping each other out, that's just sort of a different dynamic than we've seen with Chloe and Lucifer.

"Usually, it's kind of this push and pull, push and pull, but this season we really are on the same team and we're fighting the same battle and we're there for each other. There's good times and bad times like any other couple but we're finally together and without spoiling anything there's a lot for us to work on together as a team and to fight for and strive for."

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