Joe Dempsie: Game of Thrones is like The Sopranos

The 26-year-old former Skins star says he thinks HBO's hit is more like a gangster drama than Lord of the Rings

Game of Thrones star Joe Dempsie has said he thinks Game of Thrones is like The Sopranos.


Speaking at last night’s blinkbox launch for series three of the hit HBO drama, Dempsie said “Game of Thrones has more in common with something like The Sopranos than it does Lord of the Rings.”

“Primarily it’s a political drama,” he went on. “It’s about people, it’s about the human condition.”

Talking about how the drama – which is based on the bestselling novel series by George R. R. Martin – has seduced TV watchers who were skeptical about fantasy drama, Dempsie said: “[Fantasy is] used sparingly. Those elements are few and far between. But they have a lots of impact when they do come in… That’s how people have managed to get so into it – and then feel really terrible about themselves when the dragons do pop up and they think they’ve become a geek.”


The Sopranos, starring the late James Gandolfini, followed the struggles of mob leader Tony Soprano as he tried to balance his personal and professional life.