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Rose Leslie reveals the unusual way she avoids Game of Thrones spoilers from fiancé Kit Harington

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie are engaged after co-starring in Game of Thrones

Published: Friday, 2nd March 2018 at 10:09 am

As a former Game of Thrones star and the fiancée of Jon Snow actor Kit Harington, you might think Rose Leslie would have excellent insider information on the eighth and final season.


But the Scottish actress, who is currently playing Maia Rindell in The Good Fight, has taken extreme measures to avoid finding out what happens next.

Specifically, she won't even look at Harington while he reads his scripts, or for a "long time" afterwards.

"I for sure ask Kit not to show me his excitement after he has read an episode, simply because I don’t want to read anything in his eyes," she told Entertainment Weekly.

Leslie, who met Harington while playing Ygritte in Game of Thrones from 2012-14, has very firm rules.

She explained, "I know the anticipation is killing a lot of people, and my God the build-up is fantastic. I can’t wait until next year.

"So when he’s at the other end of the room and reading the episode, it’s like, no... we are not going to have eye contact for a long time. Go make a cup of tea. Calm down."


Just picture the Leslie-Harington household: Rose Leslie determinedly staring at the wall while Kit Harington sips his tea and tries to remove any trace of Game of Thrones spoilers from his facial expressions...


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