12 tweets that perfectly sum up how everyone’s feeling about the end of Game of Thrones

The final episode is almost upon us

Game of Thrones finale nerves, HBO

After eight bloodthirsty seasons, Game of Thrones is finally coming to an end. And fans are NERVOUS.


Why? Well, if you spend any time on the internet you’ll know things have been off the boil in the most recent series now the TV show has outstripped George RR Martin’s novels – and dedicated viewers have been more than a little peeved by how the final series has played out.

So, with the conclusion to the battle for the Iron Throne looming – and multiple character arcs due to be tied up – there is some understandable anxiety among fans…

Some fans just aren’t ready:

While others are channelling their nerves into some impressive baking.

While season eight has had an expectedly high death count, fans are bracing themselves for the demise of yet more of their favourite characters…

While others are holding out hope that Jaime and Cersei might rise from the rubble of the Red Keep…

(NB at least half of that theory isn’t as outlandish as you might think)

Whatever happens, the brief preview we’ve been given points in the direction of one final, bloody showdown…

And one thing’s for sure. There will be memes.


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