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First look at Game of Thrones series 6 episode 3 Oathbreaker

Davos gawps, Ayra fights, Tyrion drinks and Daenerys walks in preview pictures for Monday's episode

Published: Thursday, 5th May 2016 at 8:21 am

Hands up whose jaws dropped at the end of Thrones episode Home? Well, from the look of these preview pictures, Davos Seaworth is just catching up with the drama.


Stannis's former right-hand-man is clearly surprised by what he's looking at in these preview pictures for episode three, possibly because the Red Woman's magic worked and Jon Snow is back in the land of the living.

Or because of what Snow's resurrection entails. There are no guarantees he'll return the same man, after all.

When to comes to what else we can expect from Monday's episode we, much like Jon Snow, no nothing now the TV show has jumped ahead of the books.

These pictures reveal that Oathbreaker will see Ayra continue to fight while Daenerys continues her journey with the Dothraki. Tyrion drinks his troubles away (no surprises there) while Greyworm and Missandei fret, which is quite possibly linked to the Lannister's decision to set those dragons free last week...

Back in Kings Landing, the Lannister numbers are growing, with Kevan, Tywin's younger brother, taking up the position of Hand of the King. While the mysterious Maester Qyburn can be seen in a room full of children. We're not sure what he's up to, but if we were them we'd make a hasty exit.

The Three-Eyed Raven can also be spied during another vision, which we know from this week's trailer, is likely to be the battle at the Tower of Joy. A battle which could prove to be one of the most pivotal moments in the entire story...




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