Fantasy romance A Discovery of Witches will sadly come to an end with its upcoming third season, and it seems fair to say that the cast are feeling emotional.


“I would say ‘bittersweet’ is sort of the perfect word,” star Teresa Palmer (who plays series lead Diana Bishop) told during a virtual panel for MCM London Comic-Con.

“I’ve been able to be with Diana for a few years now, and just seeing where she began and where the journey finishes, I feel so ready to have parted with her, because I think she landed in such a beautiful place. But I think at the same time….it was hard to say goodbye.”

But does it really have to be goodbye? While each season corresponds closely to a book in the All Soul’s trilogy written by Deborah Harkness, Harkness later (in 2018) returned to the world she’d created for Time’s Convert, a story that focused on younger vampire Marcus (Edward Bluemel in the series).

It’s certainly possible that this material (some of which has been woven into seasons two and three of A Discovery of Witches) could continue the story onscreen as well – and while the cast remained tight-lipped on any concrete spin-off plans, they did have a few ideas for areas that could be explored.

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One idea, from Tanya Moodie (who plays daemon Agatha in the series) was a series that could delve deeper into the mysterious daemons, a third of the magical beings found in the books and series (alongside vampires and witches) but whose particular abilities and characteristics were less well-defined onscreen.

“The main thing I’ve always contended with, playing a daemon, is that fans always ask me ‘what exactly…what do daemons do?’” Moodie said during the panel.

“You know, witches do fancy spells, vampires bite people and they’re always really testy. And daemons are always just a bit…you know, they wear designer clothes, and are a bit kooky or something. Is that a power?

“[In the books] they have these kind of heightened abilities, and it’s a bit more supernatural. But to interpret that onscreen… it doesn’t have space for that. The two protagonists have to drive this thing.

“It’s not a series to necessarily explore what everyone does.”

Paul Rhys stars in A Discovery Of Witches
Paul Rhys stars in A Discovery Of Witches SEAC

Meanwhile, actors Steven Cree and Paul Rhys (who play vampires Gallowglass and Hubbard in the series) had their own plans for what might come next, despite executive producer Lachlan McKinnon’s protestations…

“Maybe this is a good time…I know that Lachlan’s excited to announce that Sky and Bad Wolf are doing a spin-off show with Gallowglass and Hubbard as vampire detectives,” Cree joked.

“It’s true – you can tell them now Lachlan, it’s fine,” added Rhys. “We’ve got a working title – it’s Hubbard’s cupboard.”

"The press release will be out quite soon…but we should keep it under our hats for now,” McKinnon replied.

You heard it here first! Vampire detectives, coming to your screens in 2024.


A Discovery of Witches comes to Sky Max and NOW in 2022. For more, check out our dedicated Fantasy page or our full TV Guide.