Where was Netflix’s fantasy drama Cursed filmed?

The updated take on the Arthurian legend arrives on Netflix this week.


Few tales have been told more often and in more ways than the Arthurian legend – and the latest version of the story is Cursed, an adaptation of Frank Miller and Tom Wheeler’s novel of the same name which arrives on Netflix this week.


The series centres on Nimue, a young heroine played by 13 Reasons Why star Katherine Langford who finds an ally in a younger version of King Arthur (Devon Terrell), and her quest to deliver an ancient and magical sword to the famed wizard Merlin.

When it came to selecting which locations to use for the backdrop to Nimue’s quest, the series creators Miller and Wheeler said that it wasn’t always a particularly difficult choice.

“As far as the settings, well, they’re right there!” Miller explained to RadioTimes.com. “They’re right there, and those are the actual places where those things happened!”

He went on to explain that some of the forests and castles that were used in the series were perfect – in no small part due to their age and valuable place in history.

“What I wasn’t ready for was the forests,” he said. “I’m still staggered thinking about those places, and can’t wait to get back and see those ancient trees again.

“But actually going into the castles and actually walking around them…they speak of age. Even though they’re beautifully maintained.

“And there are architectural inventions and formations in them that are not the sort of thing that would come from the imagination at all. That are just…they’re just something out of the work of the artist Piranesi who imagined architectural nightmares.

“And they’re right there to be shot…to be walked upon. Sometimes it’s not so easy to walk on them, but they’re there to be walked upon.”

Wheeler added, “I agree, history was a real inspiration. Seeing some of these castles, it really does evoke the stories and the characters.”

Cursed Nimue Arthur

Filming took place across the UK over the course of 10 months in 2019, with locations in Surrey, Cornwall and Wales all appearing in the series.

Some of the filming took place on disused army land in Deepcut, Surrey – with a medieval village set having been built specifically for the production, while a further Celtic village was built elsewhere in Surrey – on the banks of Frensham Little Pond.

Meanwhile Poldark fans might recognise Honeywell Beach, which is located in Cornwall and also features in the show.

And while most of the series was shot on location, some scenes were studio based – with Langley Film Studio in Berkshire and Pinewood both used, the latter for the underwater scenes.

You can take a closer behind the scenes look at the filming of the series with the following featurette recently released by Netflix:


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