Brand New Cherry Flavor, a supernatural horror series that landed on Netflix last summer, has unsettled viewers on social media this week.


While the eight-part series was released on the streamer back on 13th August 2021, TikTok users have been filming their blind reactions to one of the show’s weirdest scenes in episode 4.

Brand New Cherry Flavor stars Rosa Salazar (Alita: Battle Angel) as Lisa, an aspiring film director whose career gets derailed thanks to the very producer she sought advice from.

Looking for revenge, Lisa puts her trust in a witch (Catherine Keener) who promises to curse him.

However, the curse has some disastrous side effects for Lisa, who begins vomiting new-born kittens. She also develops a suspicious wound on her stomach, from which she manages to birth a kitten.

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As if these developments weren't strange enough, episode 4 serves up a bizarre sex scene as Lisa's lover strokes the area on her stomach from which the kitten emerged and, at one point, sticks his hand in entirely.

TikTok users watching the action unfold were understandably shocked, with one calling it “messed up”.

Twitter users who had watched the episode 4 scene had similar reactions, with one writing: "Made the mistake of watching 35 minutes in of episode 4 of Brand New Cherry Flavour because of a TIKTOK AND OH MY F**KING GOD."

Another Twitter user said: "Kept seeing the 'Brand New Cherry Flavour' TikToks and thought 'No way I can watch it' so I made my husband and watched his reaction. I think it was a good decision, I definitely won't be watching it."

One fan tweeted: "Brand New Cherry Flavor on Netflix is NUTS."

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