There’s nothing anime fans love more than getting stuck into a franchise that has plenty of action, and Psycho-Pass has remained a firm favourite.


Starting with the main anime series in 2012, the franchise has gone on to release a number of TV and film spin-offs, with the Psycho-Pass Providence movie being the latest in line.

Based on the light novel series by Makoto Fukami, the original story follows Akane as she is introduced to life as part of the Public Safety Bureau's Criminal Investigation Division. Set in a dystopia of Sibyl System's governance of Japan, the team are involved in criminal activity and psychological warfare.

With Psycho-Pass Providence set to be released, fans might be asking just how much of the franchise they need to be familiar with before watching. Fear not — here’s everything you need to know about the latest instalment of Psycho-Pass.

Psycho-Pass Providence release date

For UK fans of the franchise, Psycho-Pass Providence is set to be released on 2nd August 2023 on Crunchyroll.

North American viewers are a few weeks ahead of Europe, with country-wide cinema release beginning on 14th July.

This comes after the film’s initial Japanese release in May after Psycho-Pass Providence was first announced in August 2022 as part of the franchise’s 10-year anniversary.

Psycho-Pass: Providence
Psycho-Pass Providence. Crunchyroll

Who will star in Psycho-Pass Providence?

Fans of the franchise will find that plenty of their Psycho-Pass favourites will be returning to voice the latest instalment.

The below cast is set to appear in Psycho-Pass Providence:

  • Akane Tsunemori - Kana Hanazawa (Japanese) / Kate Oxley (English)
  • Shinya Kogami - Tomokazy Seki (Japanese) / Robert McCollum (English)
  • Nobuchika Ginoza - Kenji Nojima (Japanese) / Jessie James Grelle (English)
  • Yayoi Kunizuka - Shizuka Itō (Japanese) / Lindsay Seidel (English)
  • Shion Karanomori - Miyuki Sawashiro (Japanese) / Lydia Mackay (English)
  • Mika Shimotsuki - Ayane Sakura (Japanese) / Cherami Leigh (English)
  • Sho Hinakawa - Takahiro Sakurai (Japanese) / Z. Charles Bolton (English)
  • Teppei Sugo - Hiroki Tōchi (Japanese) / Mike McFarland (English)

What is Psycho-Pass Providence about?

Ten years after the franchise first aired, Akane is now the Chief Inspector of the Criminal Investigation Department. On her latest assignment, she investigates the death of a professor whose research papers could shake the existing Sibyl system in the Japanese government to the core.

Aiming to uncover the truth, Akane and her team set off for Dejima to try and get the documents back. Along the way, they face some unexpected incidents that could lead to the truth finally coming out.

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Is Psycho-Pass Providence canon?

No. Unlike the two previous Psycho-Pass films, Psycho-Pass Providence isn’t considered to be canon to the main anime.

In short, this means that first-time fans can watch the film as a standalone and the story will still make complete sense. No knowledge of the larger story is needed, but that doesn’t mean that Psycho-Pass Providence fails to offer up the goods for long-time fans of the franchise.

Is there a trailer for Psycho-Pass Providence?

The first trailer for Psycho-Pass Providence was released to UK audiences on 22nd June by Crunchyroll.

Get yourself ready for the film by watching the trailer in full below:

You can watch Psycho-Pass Providence on Crunchyroll. Check out more of our Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide or Streaming Guide to find out what else is on.


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