Anime fans have been struck with a sickness — not being able to bing watch Oshi no Ko season 2.


After the first season aired in early 2023, the show has quickly become one of the major breakout anime series of the year.

Based on the manga of the same name by Aka Akasaka, there’s already a huge fanbase for the story that’s still to come.

Following a doctor and his recently deceased patient, the pair are reborn as twins to a famous Japanese pop idol. The duo navigate the highs and lows of the entertainment industry and grow up together as they set out on their brand new lives.

With the story being so sought after, fans have been left wondering when we might see season 2. While we wait, here’s everything we know about Oshi no Ko season 2 so far.

Oshi no Ko season 2 release date speculation

Just as quickly as it debuted, a second season of Oshi no Ko has officially been announced.

Currently, there is no set release date for the second season, although it’s likely fans will need to wait a couple of months more at the very least.

The first season wrapped up in June 2023, meaning that there is likely to be a noticeable lead time between the first and second seasons.

In the meantime, key visuals have been released after the eleventh episode of Oshi no Ko.

How many episodes will Oshi no Ko season 2 have?

Though the first season of Oshi no Ko had 11 episodes, there is no confirmed number for the amount of episodes that season 2 might have.

We’ll be sure to update this page with the latest information on episodes featured in Oshi no Ko season 2.

What is the plot of Oshi no Ko season 2?

Following on from the explosive episodes featured in season 1, the second season of Oshi no Ko is set to explore the obstacles that Aquamarine Hoshino faces more deeply.

Fans can expect to see even more personal growth from him, with themes of friendship, ambition, and the pitfalls of the entertainment industry all examined in further detail.

Who will feature in the Oshi no Ko season 2 cast?

In line with the show’s first season, here’s who we expect will make a return in Oshi no Ko season 2:

  • Aqua Hoshino - Takeo Ōtsuka (Japanese) / Jack Stansbury (English)
  • Ruby Hoshino - Yurie Igoma (Japanese) / Alyssa Marek (English)
  • Kana Arima - Megumi Han (Japanese) / Natalie Rial (English)
  • Miyako Saitô - Lynn (Japanese) / Christina Kelly (English)
  • Memcho - Rumi Okubo (Japanese) / Juliet Simmons (English)
  • Akane Kurokawa - Manaka Iwami (Japanese) / Kristen McGuire (English)

Fans might recognise Jack Stansbury for his role in Haikyu!!, while Alyssa Marek is best known for Assassins Pride.

Where to watch Oshi no Ko in the UK

Current episodes of Oshi no Ko can be found on HIDIVE and Disney Plus.

Fans speculate that Oshi no Ko season 2 is likely to be exclusive to HIDIVE.

Is there a trailer for Oshi no Ko season 2?

An announcement trailer for season 2 of Oshi no Ko was released on 28th June 2023.

The 40-second teaser doesn’t give too much away, but does show Aqua and Ruby having more adventures in the world of entertainment.

Catch up with the all-singing, all-dancing action by watching the full teaser here:

Oshi no Ko is available to stream on HiDIVE. Check out more of our Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide and Streaming Guide to find out what's on.


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