Fantasy romance A Discovery of Witches is set to return next year for its third and final season, with star-crossed supernatural lovers Diana (Teresa Palmer) and Matthew (Matthew Goode) taking on deadly foes and discovering the truth of the Book of Life in a story adapted from Deborah Harkness’ All Soul’s Trilogy of books.


And according to the cast and crew this is the biggest and darkest series yet, with the Sky Original going to new extremes as it waves goodbye to the characters.

“It’s ultimately the finale of the series, it's the third chapter,” executive producer Lachlan McKinnon told during a special MCM London Comic-Con virtual panel.

“So everything's to play for. We've got Diana, who is trying to right the wrongs of the Congregation and working with Matthew, who's also in his journey as well, you know, trying to become the father he always wanted to be. And everyone's got their part to play in that journey. So it's gargantuan.”

“The stakes are raised incredibly high,” added actor Steven Cree, who plays vampire Gallowglass in the series.

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“It’s an overused expression in drama but things get darker and more heightened, I think for everyone in it. And, you know, people have got a lot more conflict.”

“I agree with what you said, that word dark in particular,” series lead Palmer said.

“ I mean, I think season three goes to all these different extremes. I think like the romance is deeper, the plot lines, it's so dynamic. But then the level of conflict is is is the greatest we've seen over the whole series and sort of how it culminates and all sort of wraps up towards the end is, is unbelievable.

Matthew Goode Teresa Palmer

“I remember reading the scenes and, you know, for Diana, it's such a massive moment because she's been working up to this, the entire show, and she's learning her knots and she's getting more and more powerful and she just really fully comes into her own in the final two episodes of the show.

“It's unbelievable. I remember reading where we took it [in the script]…I think it's very brave where the writers take the story. Obviously we're leaping off Deb's words and but we're also making it our own, and I love the performances and everyone just goes there.

“So it's exciting,” she concluded, “and again, without giving away too much, I just think the audience are really going to be in for such a thrill ride. “Yeah, it'll get your heart racing for sure.”

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A Discovery of Witches returns to Sky Max and NOW in 2022. For more, check out our dedicated Fantasy page or our full TV Guide.