Zoella shares her love for the Radio Times Christmas issue

It's an essential item on the YouTube star's festive shopping list, it seems...


Planning your festive viewing with the legendary Christmas issue of Radio Times is a British tradition – and it’s nice to see it’s one that never gets old.


It seems the YouTube generation are as keen as anyone to pick up a copy and start highlighting their favourite shows, with none other than Zoella this week sharing her love for the Radio Times Christmas issue on a seasonal shopping trip.

“It’s the Christmas Radio Times! I have to get it!” enthuses the vlogger and former celebrity Bake Off star in her latest post. “Did you ever use to highlight what you wanted to watch? Me and [my brother] Joe did it all the time. Yay!”

Back from the supermarket, and Zoella plans to put her feet up and get that highlighter out: “I’m gonna have to have a little flick through and see what’s on at Christmas…”

See Zoella talking about the Radio Times Christmas issue at around the 3:50 and 10:50 mark


The Radio Times Christmas issue is on sale now