Yep, Dominic Littlewood’s ‘100% Beef’ bum tattoo is 100% real

Viewers got even more than they bargained for when they saw what was on Dom's backside in The Real Full Monty


The last thing we thought we’d be talking about this morning is Dominic Littlewood’s bum.


But when ITV’s The Real Full Monty aired last night, we couldn’t stop staring at it owing to that ‘100% Beef’ tattoo we spotted on his buttock. Surely it couldn’t be real… could it?


Well despite looking like it’s been scrawled on in biro, it is actually genuine! ITV have told that Dom’s butt tatt is the real deal, with The One Show presenter himself tweeting that he got the inking on “a drunken night” when he was 17 years old (you don’t say) and that last night was the “first time it’s been seen in years”.


Someone should have told him to Don’t Get Done on Your Bum, Dom. Never mind, let’s just all be glad he didn’t get his little wood out and that E4 are going to have another crack at a celebrity edition of Tattoo Fixers…