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X Factor's Sophie Plumb reveals previous audition woes

Sophie impressed at Boot Camp this year, but admits she’s struggled in front of the X Factor panel before

Published: Monday, 21st September 2015 at 9:20 am

Sophie Plumb got a thumbs up from the judges during last night's first Boot Camp challenge – but standing on the X hasn't always been plain sailing for the 22 year old singer. 


“I auditioned [for the show] two years ago,” Sophie told “It didn’t work. I got to the judges, but then my nerves just got the better of me. I messed up. Literally my breathing went. It was in the room and I just felt kind of like, ‘Oh no.’

"It was completely silent when I walked in," Sophie explained of the year which saw Gary Barlow, Sharon Osbourne, Nicole Scherzinger and Louis Walsh behind the judges' desk. "I just didn’t know what to say. I couldn’t act natural. I just started crying, it’s ridiculous. I thought it was too real. I wanted it so much.”

But Sophie says she’s got a new drive this year.

“Last year, March just gone, I fell pregnant. I just had my baby. Now I’m ready. I want it more. Things happen for a reason, that’s how I look at it.”

She has certainly proved she can handle pressure. During her first audition at Wembley Arena this year Sophie was asked to perform two songs, including one a capella, for the judges. While her version of Adele’s Make You Feel My Love caught their attention, Cowell dubbed it “like Adele but not as good” and wanted to hear something else. But after an apparent issue clearing her second song for use, Cowell asked her to return the next day and perform again. Luckily, three times really was the charm when it came to song choices and Sophie progressed to the next stage.

Boot Camp didn't prove to be too much easier for her, when she was caught up in a group at war as Monica Michael and Princess Diamond clashed over their song choice and rehearsal schedule. But Sophie got that all important yes, meaning another solo audition next week. 

The young singer is sure to be pleased to have impressed Mr Cowell having said: “Simon’s just the man. I have to impress him.”


The X Factor continues next Sunday at 7:00pm on ITV


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