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X Factor’s Bupsi feels “short-strawed” after other acts got to change their songs: "I would have absolutely killed it with something else"

Bupsi says she was “unaware” other singers had ditched their original tracks and that her Marvin Gaye choice was too “alien” to both her and her fans

Published: Monday, 2nd November 2015 at 12:19 pm

Buspi was the first act to be voted out of the X Factor last night and the singer says she feels “short-strawed” after finding out other acts were given a chance to change their songs.


“I didn’t pick my song, [mentor Simon Cowell] picked it,” Bupsi, 38, told of Marvin Gaye's You're a Wonderful One. “For me, that song was really alien to me. When they said Marvin Gaye to me, I said ‘Great, it’s Marvin Gaye,’ but when they said the song, I just didn’t know it. I don’t think anyone else knew what the song was either. That was the problem. No one could really connect with it.”

“I think where I felt short-strawed was where other songs being sung by the other contestants were recognisable. Like, when I sang Pony people knew it. When I sang Respect, they knew it. They were up to date with it. But this song was completely alien to everybody.”

Acts including girl band 4th Impact were shown changing their song during rehearsals. And Bupsi said she would “absolutely” ask to sing a different song if she had her chance again.

“I don’t think that was quite clear to me at the time [that changing songs was an option]” Bupsi admitted. “I think other people had somehow managed to change their song. I was kind of unaware of all of this. We’ve all got our headphones on doing our own things. It was only a few days later… but if I could go back, I would have absolutely killed it with something else. I’m gutted that I didn’t get to show that I had even more than that. I do feel really short-strawed about it.

“I just think the main thing is, because of my character, people wanted me to bring sass, bring some ‘Bupsi magic’ to the table. They feel robbed. I’m just looking at my fans here and the people who have said ‘Go girl, we love you Bupsi’. It’s not just ‘Bupsi bringing nasty’. They invested a lot of time in me. They’ve picked up the phone and been tweeting. So I think the people felt robbed. The people felt short-strawed. I promised them that I would bring them that and they didn’t get that. There’s no way they could have got that with that song.”

“It’s like going to Pizza Hut and you’re getting Kentucky. That’s how it felt,” Bupsi added. “That’s what I’m getting from the people. ‘You said you were going to get nasty, where’s the nasty? I’m still trying to look for it now, have you seen it?’ You know? So that’s what it is.”

Buspi said Cowell has since spoken to her and has taken responsibility for the song choice.

“He basically said that he feels that this is down to him. He feels like he’s responsible for what’s happened. Wrong song choice or whatever. It is what it is. He did feel bad about it, he did.”

But the singer says she’s not blaming him.

“I feel like he’s been really rooting for me. I don’t want to be sat here and blaming Simon for everything. I can’t blame him for everything and I won’t blame him for everything, do you know what I mean? Yeah, he’s taken responsibility for the song and I’ve done the best I could with the song, but you know, he did keep that door open for me and it went how it went.

"I’m still grateful for the opportunity and I don’t want people to think I’m being really bitter about it and I’m blaming Simon, you know, pointing the finger at Simon. It’s not that kind of party. I’m really grateful for that man for opening the door for me. He could have kicked me to the kerb months ago and he didn’t. There were other strong contenders there and he gave me the chance. He called my name and that meant a lot to me.”

So what's next for Bupsi? First she wants a “really good nap” and a “really good meal” from her mum. “Get some soul food down me, allow myself to relax. Relax my brain and then I’m going to think about what I’m going to do."

One thing’s for sure, Bupsi’s looking forward to getting back to Leeds and her feline friend.

“I’ve really missed my cat Mitzy. The poor cat’s been going through hell,” Bupsi laughed. “He’ll be happy to have his mumma Bupsi back.”


The X Factor continues Saturday and Sunday on ITV 


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