X Factor announcer Peter Dickson is returning

The voiceover artist has had a change of heart and is especially excited to say Bupsi with just the right amount of nasty...

Peter Dickson is returning to voice this year’s X Factor live shows (do feel free to say that in your mind with his booming voice). 


It was announced earlier this year that the voiceover artist had stepped down after eleven years on the show, but he’s been persuaded to come back after a rush of support. 

“While I was looking forward to getting my weekends back I have been so touched by the comments of thousands of fans of the show who were disappointed at my departure, that I am now delighted to say I’m back at The X Factor microphone,” Dickson admitted.

And the man with the beloved voice can’t wait to get is chops around some of this year’s names:

“I’m really looking forward to tackling the names of this season’s finalists – especially Bupsi! I’ll try to make it sound as nasty as possible!”


The X Factor goes live from this Saturday night at 8:00pm on ITV