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X Factor 2015: Who are the 16 girls through to the Six Chair Challenge?

Rita Ora must now choose which six girls to take through to her Judges' Houses with a nail-biting game of musical chairs

Published: Sunday, 27th September 2015 at 8:00 pm

Boot Camp is done and dusted and the X Factor is heading back to Wembley Arena for (drum roll) the Six Chair Challenge.


It's the biggie. The one where they bring out those innocent-looking eggcup chairs and then all hell breaks loose.

Each of the 16 singers below will perform for the judges and Girls category mentor Rita Ora must decide which of them gets a chair. A chair equals a spot at Judges' Houses.

It's not that simple of course. Once on a chair they can be swapped out for another hopeful. Often they're later dramatically swapped back in. Basically, until everyone has performed, those seats are entirely up for grabs.

So who's in the running for Ms Ora's category? Check out this year's contenders:

Katie Coleman

Her tale of heartbreak won over the judges, but will Rita be loved up with her Six Chairs performance?

Karen Mav

Personality, vocals, stage presence, Karen had it all. But will she get a chair..?

Chloe Baker

Her auditions haven't been shown yet, but Chloe posted this snap of her group for this year's Boot Camp opening challenge. Chloe is pictured fourth from the left. Will she wow at Wembley?

Jasmine Leigh Morris

The judges were blown away by Jasmine's first audition, so there'll be high expectations for this second solo performance.

Monica Michael

Six Chairs doesn't hold great memories for Monica, who left the competition at this stage last year. Will it be second time lucky?

Sharon Rose

The judges have all seen something in Sharon Rose. Will Rita opt to add her to her Judges' Houses line-up?

Chloe Paige

Chloe's first audition went down a storm and she was given special mention at Boot Camp during the group challenge. Do we spy a Six Chair success story here?

Charli Beard

Another singer that stood out at Boot Camp, it's all eyes on Charli for her second solo audition...

Louisa Johnson

Smart money is probably on Louisa Johnson, who hasn't put a foot out of line yet. Do we spy a potential champ?

Havva Rebka

Havva's returned to the X Factor after being sent home at Boot Camp during 2012's series, making this her first experience of Six Chairs. Alexandra Burke returned and won, so anything can happen.

Caitlyn Vanbeck

We're yet to see much from Caitlyn, but it looks like she's having a blast backstage with this year's Xtra Factor co-hosts Melvin Odoom and Rochelle Humes. Here's hoping her vocals are as exciting.

Kiera Weathers

The pressure's on Kiera for this audition after wowing at all points so far. It's time to face the music...

Kelly Mai Webb

Kelly has shown off some seriously powerful vocals, but are they enough to fill Wembley once again?

Lucy Duffield

Lucy's got fighting spirit and a killer voice to go with it. Will Rita back her all the way?

Sophie Plumb

Sophie's first audition wasn't shown in its entirety – I can vouch for the fact that she can belt out a big hit, having been in the crowd – but things went more smoothly at Boot Camp. Now, Sophie needs to show what she's made of for Six Chairs...

Lauren Murray

Lauren's been a big focus of the show this year, her huge vocals on show from episode one. The judges seem to have high hopes for her, noting her 'raw' talent.


The X Factor Six Chair Challenge starts Sunday October 4th a 7:00pm on ITV


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