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X Factor 2015: Ones to watch

Jennifer Phillips, Anton Stephans, The First Kings, Techno Sue... There are some weird and wonderful second auditions coming up as X Factor reaches Boot Camp

Published: Saturday, 19th September 2015 at 8:30 pm

After thousands upon thousands auditioned for this year's X Factor, it's time for those who got the thumbs up to face the judges again. 


The action moves to a luxurious hotel in Hertfordshire, where a stage has been pitched in the lush grounds. But with so many acts showcased over the past few weeks, which ones should we be looking out for?

As we move to round two, here are the ones to watch...

Anton Stephans

He's got impressive vocals, I bargain he's got some fantastic stories from his days as a backing singer, and his dog Honey travels around with him. So many reasons to be excited about Anton's second audition.

Monica Michael 

I suspect viewers at home are as keen for her Boot Camp audition to go well as Monica herself is. She's got to get back to Six Chairs and have better luck than last year, right?

Jennifer Phillips

Ms Phillips's Shackles audition is hard to forget. If she came onto the Boot Camp stage and sang the phonebook it would probably have the same effect. This is a second audition to really get excited about. No pressure, eh Jen?

The First Kings

This funky five-piece basically turned their first audition into their debut concert: a showreel, backing dancers... All they needed was a bit of merchandise on sale outside. If that's what they're bringing out for their opening 'this is us' statement, what will audition two bring?

Susan Pryce

Susan Pryce – aka Techno Sue – just because every song is better off for a bit of unexpected booty-shaking.

Seann Miley Moore

The outfit, the vocal, the attitude... We need more of this, thus we need more Seann Miley Moore.

Bupsi Brown

All Bupsi needed was a teeny-tiny bit of encouragement from Mr Cowell and – boom – out came the nasty. She was dropping to the floor, sliding all over the judges' desk... Goodness only knows what will happen at Boot Camp, but I want to find out.

Lauren Murray

She came on the X Factor stage "repping for Whitney" but the judges asked her to switch to a Jocelyn Brown track, so we've yet to see her perform Houston. Given these vocals, she certainly seems up to the challenge. Murray was one of the first acts to perform on the series, so it's high-time we saw her again. Bring it on.

...and Jenesa Gill

Well, well, well. What on earth will a second audition bring, eh? Episode one was all about smooching Cowell and wiggling her hips, what mayhem will audition two bring? Watch this space...


X Factor Boot Camp starts Sunday at 7:00pm on ITV


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