A regular weekend show in the 1970s, World of Sport Wrestling ran on ITV until 1985, when it disappeared from our screens, seemingly forever.


But fear not! After an extremely popular pilot episode in 2016 and a trial run of filming last year, WOS Wrestling is officially returning for a ten-part series. Here's everything you need to know...

When is WOS Wrestling on ITV?

WOS Wresting airs on Saturdays at 5pm on ITV, starting on 28th July

Is there a trailer?

Yes there is, but be warned, watching this video will make you want to strut through your house in spandex and a cape, to the strains of your very own wrestling walk-in music. Spine-tingling stuff!

What’s the format going to be?

Originally, WOSW was set to team up with Impact Wrestling to bring a series to ITV last year. Impact then pulled out and filming was cancelled, leaving us with the very real possibility that we wouldn’t be getting WOSW at all.

In April this year though, ITV confirmed a 10-part series would be returning to Saturday afternoons, with the shows being taped in Norwich during May.

After defeating Dave Mastiff for the WOS Championship in 2016, Scottish showman Grado enters the series as the reigning champ. The first show will see Grado take on a challenger to be decided by a five-man elimination bout. Commentator Alex Shane describes it as an “absolutely historic episode of British wrestling professional television.”

After this we will see a weekly battle for the title, complete no doubt with epic matches, injuries, double-crosses, big stunts and dirty tactics galore.

Who are the wrestlers?

Aside from Grado, there’s a stacked roster of Britain’s best fighters, including lead baddie Rampage and the 36-stone colossus Crater.

Also joining these big names is the son of WWE legend The British Bulldog, the aptly named British Bulldog Junior.

The big names don’t stop there, with Love Island 2016’s Adam Maxted (the self-proclaimed most handsome man in wrestling) also signing on amongst a host of other supremely talented wrestlers.

Football may not have come home this summer, but at least wrestling is.