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William and Shannan from Queer Eye season 2 got married and the pictures are amazing

The cutest couple from the second season have tied the knot

Published: Monday, 9th July 2018 at 1:49 pm

The heartwarming stories from Netflix's Queer Eye continue to roll in, weeks after the second season debuted in June. Following on from the news earlier this year that Tom and Abby from season 1 have gotten married, it has been confirmed that William and Shannan, the couple at the centre of the second episode of season 2, have officially tied the knot.


On Sunday, William shared a typically sweet message on Twitter with a picture of the two during their intimate ceremony on an island off the coast of Florida.

On June 16th, I married my best friend Shannan on the beach of Amelia Island at sunrise," he wrote. Check out the post below, followed by some more pictures from the ceremony which were shared later by the official Queer Eye account.

Avocado-enthusiast Antoni Porowski then responded, calling their relationship "love, defined". The Fab Five were sadly not in attendance at the ceremony.

The Fab Five have every right to be proud - not only did they make William over to great effect, but they also helped him to put together a romcom-level proposal, which ultimately provided the emotional crescendo at the end of the episode.

And by the looks of the thing, the Fab Five effect has stuck - not only is he still rocking the quiff and low-key beard combo a la Jonatha Van Ness, he's also gone and got married in a Tan France shirt. Cute.

Queer Eye season 2 is streaming now on Netflix


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