Who is the best UK Breakfast TV presenter of all time?

They see us through those dark and dreary winter mornings - but over the years who has started your day in the best way?

UK Breakfast TV Hosts

Dragging yourself out of bed for work on a dark and dreary winter weekday morning can be quite the chore but for decades now we’ve had some unsung heroes waiting to wake us up and tell us what’s been going on in the world while we were sleeping.


The men and women of breakfast television are up and at ’em before the cock crows from Monday to Friday and are charged with bringing us breaking news and entertainment as we scramble for that first cup of tea or coffee.

We’ve popped together a list of the most familiar names and faces in UK Breakfast TV from the days of TV-am, through GM:TV, The Big Breakfast, BBC Breakfast and Good Morning Britain (to name but a few) and we want you to tell us who you think is the best UK Breakfast TV presenter of all time.

Who made your morning? Or who’s still helping you to start your day the right way?


You can only vote for one presenter so choose wisely!