Who is Britain’s best weather presenter of all time?

Who's a ray of sunshine on a rainy British summer's day?


They warn us about storms, promise us heatwaves and make sure we never ever leave the house without a brolly: Britain’s TV weather presenters are our unsung heroes.


For decades the men and women of the Met Office (and beyond) have been making sure we’re all mini weather experts, deciphering those high and low fronts and helping us to figure out what those isobars actually mean and now it’s time we gave something back to these heralds of the changing seasons.

We’ve popped together a short-list of some of the most memorable faces – past and present – and now we want you to decide which of Britain’s weather presenters is the best of all time.

Cast a vote for your favourite below (click here if you can’t see the poll) and if you can’t find them on the list then add them to it using the box provided.


UPDATE: Thank you for voting, the poll is now closed. Keep an eye out for the all-important results coming soon…