Forget The Jump. ITV's Sugar Free Farm might actually be the most horrendous reality show on television.

For over two weeks, seven celebrities will be completely ditching sugar from their diets.

That doesn’t just mean no chocolate, biscuits or cake – that’d be bad enough. But the rules also mean that natural sugar from fruit and syrups are also banned.

Attempting to survive on a diet of lentils and lettuce are these lucky famous faces:

Peter Davison


Age: 65

Who is he? Best-known as the fifth incarnation of the Doctor in Doctor Who, Peter is also famous for playing Tristan Farnon in All Creatures Great and Small and David Braithwaite in At Home with the Braithwaites.

Did you know? Peter has been married three times and has three children. His daughter Georgia Moffett has also starred in Doctor Who and is married to former Doctor David Tennant.

Here he is in action as the Doctor:

Ann Widdecombe


Age: 69

Who is she? A former MP for the Conservative Party, Ann retired from politics at the 2010 general election. That year, she signed up to Strictly Come Dancing and was partnered with Anton du Beke (who else?).

Did you know? Since hanging up her Strictly shoes, Ann has appeared on all sorts of reality TV like 24 Hours in the Past and Tipping Point: Lucky Stars. She also turned TV presenter for a much-missed quiz show on Sky Atlantic called Cleverdicks where she would have to shout ‘Cleverdick’ and ‘Complete Cleverdick’ at poor people.

Here she is being queen of the Cleverdicks

And here’s that legendary video of her dressed as a canary attempting a vague sort of Samba on Strictly Come Dancing