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When Mock the Week launched Crazy Frog was top of the charts and Twitter hadn't been invented...

It's the comedy panel show’s 10th anniversary so celebrate like it's still 2005 logo
Published: Thursday, 11th June 2015 at 2:40 pm

Mock the Week turns ten tonight and what better way to celebrate than to make yourself feel old by remembering the heady days of June 2005.


The news-shredding satirical panel show has been on the air for a decade, filming 136 episodes over 14 series, including 14 compilations, 7 Christmas specials and one New Year bonus show. 80 guest performers have appeared and host Dara O Briain, along with Hugh Dennis, have appeared in every single episode. Comedian Ed Byrne holds the record for highest number of guest appearances at 32, Milton Jones is chomping at his heels with 26.

But back to 2005. Here’s what was going on in the world when Mock the Week first hit our screens…

Crazy Frog (yes, the annoying ringtone turned song) was number one in the music charts. Let’s just take a minute on that one…

Tony Blair was our Prime Minister

David Cameron, now Prime Minister, was Shadow Education Secretary

Nick Clegg had been an MP for just a month

Now President of the United States, Barack Obama was five months into being a senator

Sven Goran Eriksson was England’s football manager

Andy Murray, who now boasts (among other titles) a Wimbledon win, was ranked 407 in the world at tennis

Twitter hadn’t been invented #huh?

Facebook had only been going for a year and four months. Er... unlike?


Mock the Week returns tonight at 10pm on BBC2


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