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When is Singletown on TV? Who is hosting it? Who are the couples? Is there a trailer?

The brand new dating show sees couples put their relationships to the ultimate test – by breaking up

Singletown (ITV)
Published: Tuesday, 27th August 2019 at 12:01 am

If you’ve been feeling bereft of a dating show you can really sink your teeth into after Love Island, then look no further – Singletown will be your new obsession.


The brand new dating show sees five couples, all in different stages of their relationships, put things on ice and experience a summer being totally single in London – with their exes all able to see what’s going on.

After moving to their own apartment in the big city, going to parties and out on hot dates, each couple must decide whether they want to “stick” in the relationship they’re currently in, or decide to split for good.

Here’s everything you need to know about Singletown…

When is Singletown on TV?

After previously teasing the show during the fifth series of Love Island, it has now been confirmed that Singletown will be airing on Monday 2nd September at 9pm on ITV 2.

Who is hosting Singletown?

Singletown Hosts (ITV)

I’m a Celeb alumi Emily Atack and Joel Dommett will be the hosts and “mentors” for our singletons.

“I can’t think of another dating show set in London - it’s such an amazing city with a good vibe wherever you are,” Atack said. “I am just looking forward to getting to chat to people and getting to know them. I’m very much a people person.”

Dommett added: “I t felt like a really exciting twist on the shows we’ve known and loved.

"Emily and I are considered mentors, which is great. As mentors we help them through - we suggest dates, we’ll be there to sit them down and go ‘What are you doing? Consider what you’re doing. Is this the right thing?’ and give them some, almost, moral advice.

“I think Emily and I are quite good in the way that we’ve both experienced quite a lot in our lives.”

Who are the couples on Singletown?

Claudia, 21 and Rob, 23 from Surrey

The two were best friends before they became a couple, and have since been together for three years. Claudia is intrigued to see how she’ll be as a single woman, having always been in relationships, while Rob wants to see how he’ll react to Claudia getting male attention – and is keen to spend more time with the lads.

“It’s make-or-break for us,” Claudia said.

Sophie, 18 and George, 21 from Birmingham

While George is keen to get engaged, aspiring Army medic Sophie is less keen – admitting she finds George’s “worshipping” of her suffocating. Meanwhile, George admits he misses his old playboy lifestyle.

“This is a massive test in our relationship,” said Sophie.

Selin, 21 and Jeremiah, 23, from Chelmsford

Having been together for seven years, the pair have had many ups and downs, with Jeremiah previously breaking up with Selin on several occasions.

Selin has only ever been with Jeremiah and he worries that she’s only with him because she’s afraid of being alone, something she’s determined to prove him wrong on.

“I feel like Jeremiah takes me for granted,” Selin said.

Natasha, 24, and Luke, 29 from the West Midlands

Natasha is keen for a ring, but Luke is unsure whether they’re ready for such a big commitment after two and a half years in. Scared she’s going to get stuck in a relationship that wont go anywhere, Natasha is hoping Singletown will see the couple settle down.

“I’m just happy to find out if Natasha is 100% the one,” said Luke.

Charlie, 23, and Elliott, 25, from High Wycombe

Charlie and Elliot Singletown (ITV)

Charlie and Elliot have had a difficult romance, with Elliot sliding into Charlie’s DMs five years ago – which saw Charlie coming out as gay and moving into Elliot’s family home after seven months.

However, the pair were forced to grow up quickly after Elliot lost his mum, with the pair now having to look after the house and pay the bills themselves.

They are trying to figure out whether they’re better off as friends, as Charlie admits he is “bored” in the relationship.


“My reason for applying to this show would be for self-discovery,” said Charlie. “I feel like we’ve not ever had a week away from each other, so these weeks apart will be a long time. I’m hoping I’ll be able to find myself and then see where that will take us.”


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