There’s nothing better than a good quiz show. Playing along trying to answer questions and competing with the contestants in your head – and thinking smugly, "I could do so much better".


But unless you’ve got a PhD in medicine, when it comes to the BBC's new quiz show, Britain's Best Junior Doctor, you may just have to admit defeat.


Here's everything you need to know about BBC2's latest quiz show.

What is Britain's Best Junior Doctors about?

As the title suggests, the aim of the series is to find Britain’s best junior doctors. The quiz show will run across five nights, consisting of four heats and then a grand finale. The two highest scoring teams across the week will then move forward into a final quiz off.

The BBC has said the questions the junior doctors will face shall range from diagnosing patients, proving an in-depth knowledge of their chosen specialism and even competing in a mock A+E set up.

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When is Britain's Best Junior Doctors on TV?

The series will start its five-episode run on Monday 25th June at 7.30pm on BBC2. It continues throughout the rest of the week at the same time each night until the final quiz where Britain’s best junior doctors will be declared on Friday 29th June.

Who’s hosting?

Comedian Jo Brand will be in charge of asking the questions and keeping us non-medical experts engaged. She'll also have support from in house expert Dr. Helen Lawal. Lawal will be there to make sure all the answers are correct – and put the medical jargon into layman's terms.


Britain's Best Junior Doctor's start at 7.30pm on Monday 25th June on BBC2

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