What time do the clocks go back in the UK tonight – and what will happen to my TV?

Get ready for an extra hour in bed tomorrow – and a longer, darker evening to spend inside watching TV...


What time do the clocks go back in the UK?


This weekend the UK reverts to Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). That means, at 2am this Sunday 30 October, the clocks will go back one hour, to 1am.

What does that mean for us?

Well, the good news is that everyone gets an extra hour in bed on Sunday morning. The mornings will be lighter and the commute to work or trip to school brighter. Great! Unfortunately, the bad news is that the evenings will get darker much earlier.

What will happen to my TV?

Unless you have a very old model, the timer on your TV, like your smartphone, should update automatically, so your TV guide will work as normal. If you’ve got a set top box recorder, that too should update any recorded programmes automatically.

The only issue you might have is if you have an older TV that you have programmed to come on at a set time each day. It might be worth checking or switching the timer off for the night if you don’t want a rude awakening.

Longer evenings mean that it will definitely be dark by the time shows like Countryfile (6.15pm) start up in the evening. More excuse to stay in and watch the Strictly results show…

Why do the clocks go back?


For a brief history of time, who better than Stephen Fry to explain?