What do you think of BBC’s new Christmas character ‘Sprout Boy’?

Peter Capaldi narrates the story of BBC's new Christmas mascot – but was the animation worth the trouble?

“There once was a sprout with love to give. Looking for friends to spend Christmas with.” So begins Peter Capaldi’s tale of Sprout Boy, the BBC’s new Christmas mascot.


In the new video, the little unloved vegetable goes on a winter’s journey to share in the love of the season, but finds every door closed. Until, that is, he meets the generous, kind-hearted folks from the BBC.

There’s animated Doctor Who, Benedict Cumberbatch, Mary Berry, Graham Norton and more, all ready and willing to let Sprout Boy share in the festive fun.

This green ball of animated veggie goodness is going to be front and centre this Christmas on the BBC, and is all over iPlayer and the Corporation’s social media channels – but is it worth the bother? 

Has Sprout Boy filled your heart with joy for the season ahead? Or is it true that “Nobody ever liked a sprout” – especially one made to cheer on the BBC?


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